SMET SERVICES and Saad Motors (Formerly SAAD CNG) is the leading LPG & CNG service provider in Bangladesh. Its experience in the LPG & CNG industry made it pioneer in this sector. At present, it has services all over the country through its branches.

The company provides the following services :

  • Supply of LPG / CNG Filling Station equipment. • CNG cylinder re-testing center.
  • Manufacturing of LPG /CNG Dispenser.• Engineering Inspection & Testing services.
  • Fabrication of LPG / CNG storage package.• Industrial Products (Electric motor, air filter, packages of LPG / CNG conversion kits.generator spares)
  • Filling station management system.
  • Industrial solution like automation, engineering
  • Petrol/Octane/Diesel Dispenser.consultancy etc.
  • LPG / CNG conversion works.• Providing training on LPG & CNG conversion
  • Industrial pressure gauge.and refueling station.
  • LPG Bottling plant.
  • Vehicle Tracking System

At present, SMET SERVICES & SAAD Motors is running 4 Conversion workshops located at various Locations of Bangladesh and a lot of Filling station in different cities. Our vision and mission are to be the Pioneer on LPG, CNG & Fuel Station solution provider in Bangladesh.

Apart from the specialization in CNG activities, SMET SERVICES has been working to develop the Activities in all other Engineering divisions like Oil & Gas Equipment Division, Civil & Architecture Division, Education & Training Division, Electrical & Electronics Division, Environment Engineering Division, Food & Agro Engineering Division, IT & Computer Engineering Division, Mechanical & Automobile Eng. Division & power plant Engineering division. To build the professionals in all these division we are already in process to do joint venture (JV) agreement with some Renowned company worldwide.

SMET SERVICES is a company with well-trained professionals has been working in different engineering divisions continuously through efficient communications in order to meet client’s needs and requirements. This is the key to the growth to the company’s development, Our aim at SMET SERVICES Is to be known as a one-stop engineering solution (OES) with the ability to complete any kinds of the project successfully in various fields. Therefore, we are committed to fulfilling our vision by providing careful service to all customers.