LPG Conversion Kits

SMET SERVICES has been collaborated with world famous Zavoli s.p.a, Italy for conversion of Petrol/Octane driven vehicle into LPG and also working as an exclusive distributor of Zavoli s.p.a, Italy make LPG conversion kits and accessories in Bangladesh.

Sequential Type
  • Multi-point injection for individual cylinders.
  • Extremely precise auto-calibration by computer.
  • Most technologically advanced.
  • The easiest and more user friendly.
  • Maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Made in Italy
Standard Type
  • Traditional/Ventury System suitable for both of EFI and carburetor type car.
  • Comparatively Cheaper pakage
  • Made in Italy.
3 Wheeler Type
  • Specially made for Auto Rickshaw
  • Easy to install
  • Nominal cost
  • Made in Turkey
LPG Auto Tank
  • Both of Cylindrical and Toroidal types
  • Different sizes of 20L, 25L, 40L, 60L, 90L
  • Imported from Turkey
  • 5 years warranty